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A website which is a list of significant (or significantly fuck-wild) SF/F works with unique and plot-releveant sexuality systems

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This website's goal is to list significant (or significantly insane) instances of weird sf/f (science fiction/fantasy, also called 'speculative fiction') materials with weird sex. Specifically, I mean works of speculative fiction that feature detailed, fully realized systems of weird sexuality which have significant weight in the story's plot.

When I say systems, I mean that I am looking for materials that feature entire structures of sexual behavior and interaction which are woven into the story as a whole, not single instances of weird, kinky sex. We're talking whole humanoid species with richly detailed mating systems and unique xenobiology, fantasy kingdoms with embedded cultural sexual norms that become integral to a convoluted and shockingly perverse book three plotline, or heavily detailed futuristic sex machines with Ikea-style build instructions that the author is describing one-handed.

There are a few factors which qualify material to be on this list:

There is also a few bonus factors:

Some factors that are not taken into consideration are the age of the material, the medium of the material, and whether or not I/you/your deity approves of the content. It does have to be a story, not, for instance, an awesome but unconnected gallery of horny artwork. And I have to have SOME experience with it; if I haven't ever heard of it, there's no way for it to show up on the website!

The Full List